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4 Ways to Improve Your Communication

The best way to improve your communication is to first improve your thoughts. A positive thought life helps you to communicate from an insightful perspective instead of projecting a trauma response.

So, today we are going to focus on ways to properly manage your thoughts.

1) Let go of the past. You can't change it so focus on starting fresh today.

2) Embrace that effort is never wasted. Just because something did not work immediately does not mean that it won't work. 3) Follow your own path. Everyone has a different journey with both challenges and victories. No path is better than the other.

4) Winning is subjective. What matters to one does not matter to another. Finding what works for you, is key. It is important to both visualize your highest self and then speak to yourself in a way that will encourage your highest self to show up. We often think that good communication rests solely on how other people engage with us but it really starts with us, as individuals. Start with re-training your thoughts which will re-train your words and overall improve your daily engagement and interaction. What are some other ways you would add to the list to improve thought life?

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