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Leadership + Communication = Effective

A great leader knows how to maximize their time and connections. One of the best ways to increase their effectiveness is through the way that they communicate. If you are interested in strengthening your communication skills, read on!

Healthy communication tips:

- Reflect before responding

- Read the body language in the room

- Do not assume that you know the answer

- Allow your team to operate in their strengths

- Be solution focused

- Listen more than you speak

An effective leader understands that communication is not always about the words used but about the way that they are strategically employed. Communication should be used to build and support and not to dominate or under

mine. By using the above tips, a leader can help to steer his team to build healthy relationships with partners by allowing them the latitude to vet, strategize and implement plans that reflect sound leadership through team creativity. What are some other communication tips that effective leaders employ? Let me know in the comments.

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