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What is Conflict Resolution?

Most of us want to resolve our issues amicably. Most of us want to bypass unnecessary conflict. This is where the concept of conflict resolution comes in.

Conflict resolution is the process of resolving a dispute by reaching an agreement that mutually satisfies all parties. Note that does not mean that everyone gets everything that they want when they reach resolution. It means that they were able to effectively communicate their needs versus wants and determine the most viable outcome.

As we all know, conflict is an essential part of being human, therefore effective conflict resolution is not designed to avoid disagreements. It is instead designed to help us to dive deep and communicate more effectively about the best and worst case outcomes. Avoiding conflict increases tension, reduces trust and creates toxic environments.

"Conflict resolution allows participants to invest in the process, determine their own outcome, and create an agreement that they can live with and adhere to." - Petra Pindar

It is therefore beneficial to consider conflict resolution before opting for a more litigious route. Litigation strips the participants of the decision making power, opportunity to discuss mutually beneficial outcomes and reach a resolution that considers their family unit.

Conflict resolution is not complicated but it can be confusing and uncomfortable at first because it requires you to see the opposing person as someone who deserves the opportunity to speak and be heard. Those who fully participate often report feeling valued, heard and empowered during the process and more pleased than if they had only pursued traditional litigation.

As a final note, conflict resolution doesn't just apply to court proceedings. It can also be utilized in your every day through intentionality, open communication and the desire to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

Let me know how you define conflict resolution and how it can be beneficial to your everyday life!

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